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Service Procedure

In case of an after-sale service claim, the Customer should fill out a Service information-collect Form* with detailed information including but not limited to: (i) Model Name; (ii) Serial Number (S/N); (iii) Defective part discription. We should have no obligations to accept any service claims without the receipt of fulfilled Service information-collect Form.
* A blank Service information-collect Form is available at Download Page
Once a fully filled Service information-collect Form is received, Sino-Hero will notice the Customer and offer a solution within three working days. The service claim will be followed up on the following two occasions:
Within Warranty:
There are two options given:
a) Customer sends to Sino-Hero the defective part(s) and informs the shipment tracking number, and then Sino-Hero will dispatch replacement part(s) to assigned address with confirmed shipping invoice(s).
b) The Customer signs a Declaration Form and sends the copy to Sino-Hero by either email or fax. This Declaration Form is legally certificated to guarantee that the Customer will return the defective part(s) to Sino-Hero on time. Sino-Hero will, at this stage, dispatch the replacing part(s) with confirmed shipping invoice(s).
Out of Warranty:
a) Customer sends defective part(s) to Sino-Hero. Sino-Hero will analyze the degree of trouble condition and offer a quotation to The Customer of either repairing defective part(s) or making replacement(s). Once the maintenance fee is invoiced and paid, Sino-Hero will dispatch parts to assigned address.
Return Policy
Before any shipment of materials from the Customer to Sino-Hero, the Customer must have words permission from Sino-Hero by e-mail or fax, in which, description of returning parts and shipping instruction are included.
Packing Suggestions:
In case of returning goods for service purpose, please follow these recommended packing instructions:
1) Please disassemble the parts with anti-static facility, do not touch the parts with naked hand.
2) Remove all hoses, cables, sensors, transducers and power cords before packing, unless you suspect they are associated with the problem.
3) Wherever possible use the original shipping carton and packing materials.
4) Include a packing list and request invoice.
5) It is recommended that all returned goods are insured. Claims for loss or damage of the product must be initiated by the sender.
Note: Sino-Hero should have no obligations to accept any unauthorized returned goods from either the Customer or end-user of the Customer. The Customer takes the responsibility of accounted fee on such occasions.
Freight Policy
Within Warranty:
The Customer is responsible for freight & insurance charges of the shipment to Sino-Hero (Customs charge included). Sino-Hero is responsible for the freight & insurance charges of the shipment to the Customer.
Out of Warranty:
The Customer is responsible for freight & insurance of the shipment both to and from Sino-Hero.
Dedicated after Sales Service email: service@sinoheromed.com

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