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SF40 Fetal Doppler
Product Introduction

NEW Features:

-     Lightweight and portable, easy-to-use

-     Long- life design, dust proof

-     Large backlight LCD display FHR

-     Built in Hi-Fi speaker, clear beat sound

-     Accurate FHR detection with real-time FHR mode and average FHR mode

-     High sensitivity interchangeable probe

-     Audio output port

-     Rechargeable battery and charger 


Low- cost and high performance fetal heart beat detector. To detect real-time FHR (Fetal Heart Rate) and average FHR. Applicable for the private obstetrician’s office, antepartum clinic, obstetrical department of hospital or home care. A large LCD screen display the FHR, and an audio output port connected with earphone or recorder with audio input. 9V battery standby for lasting 3 months or continuous usage for 5 hours.

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