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SE1200 12-Channel
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Product Introduction

NEW Features:

-     12.1" color TFT full touch screen

-     BBB (Bundle branch blocks) Diagnosis with high accuracy

-     Outstanding VCG (Vector-cardiogram) ECG Technology

-     120s real-time ECG waveforms freezing and reviewing

-     Support one-screen display: 1:1 ratio one-screen full waveform display and diagnosis report, and print-out

-     Full Alphanumeric keyboard, multi-language inputs

-     Innovative printing preview and editable function on ECG report

-     With A4 thermal paper, and connecting to external printers

-     Ultimate data storage: Up to 10,000 ECG groups memory

-     Instant connectivity: ECG working station, HL7, HIS, CIS connectable, data transmitting to PC via

     LAN/Flash USB

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