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Product Introduction

6-Channel Electrocardiograph

● 7 " color TFT with Alpha-numeric keyboard
●12 leads of ECG Simultaneous acquisition and presentation
●Simultaneous 6 leads of ECG printing with 110mm thermal paper
●Multiple USB port for connecting PC-ECG software and external printer
●Built-in rechargeable lithium battery (to print up to 1080 ECG reports)
●Built-in 4G SD memory card to store up to 10,000 ECG event reports in XML/PDF/BMP format, and convenient for Software upgrading automatically
●Excellent ECG auto-interpretation program and Pacemaker detection
●Reliable and fast Network connectivity and data transmission

Technical Specification
Display: 800x480 pixel TFT LCD 
Size and weight
Product size: 31x24.4x6.5cm
Packing size: 39x20x37cm
Net weight: 2.25g 
Gross weight: 4.5kg 
Sample Rate: Normal:1000sps/channel 
Pacemaker: 10,000sps/channel 
Pacemaker Detection: ≥±2 mV ≥± 0.1 ms 
Input Circuit: Built-in defibrillator protection 
Lead: Standard 12 leads 
Acquisition Mode: Simultaneous 12 leads acquisition 
Measurement Range: ±5mVpp 
Time Constant: ≥3.2s 
Frequency Response: 0.05Hz-150Hz (-3dB) 
Sensitivity: 2.5, 5, 10, 20 mm/mV 
Input Impedance: ≥50MΩ 
Input Circuit Current: <0.05μA 
Noise Level: <15μVp-p 
Anti Baseline Drift: Automatic 
Patient Current Leakage: <10μA (220V-240V) 
EMG Filter: 25 Hz / 30 Hz / 40Hz 
DFT Filter: 0.05 Hz / 0.15 Hz / 0.25 Hz /0.32 Hz / 0.5 Hz /0.67Hz/ ADS 
AC Filter 50 / 60Hz 
Low Pass Filter: 75 Hz /100 Hz /150Hz 
CMRR: 100dB 
Recording Mode: Automatic: 3CH, 1CH+1R 
Manual: 3CH, 1CH+1R, 1CH 
Rhythm: Any lead able 
Safety Standard: IEC I/CF 
Interface: Network interface, USB Master/Slave, SD card 
Power Supply: AC:100-240V, 50/60Hz, 30VA-100VA 
DC:14.8V/2200mAh, built-in lithium battery 
Recording System: Thermal matrix printing 
Recording Paper: Roll: 110mmx20m 
Paper Speed: 5 mm/s,6.25mm/s, 10 mm/s, 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50mm/s

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