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Product Introduction

Portable Breathing Trainer 

● Small and Light Design for Easy Handling and Cleaning

● Soft and Skin-friendly Medical Grade Silicone Mouthpiece
● Increase Speed and Endurance by Daily Training with 10 Levels Adjustable
● 0 Leaning Cost ONLY 5 Minutes to Learn and Master
● Strongly Improve Dyspnea and Quality of Life After 4 Weeks Training

● Drug-free Method No Side Effects or Drug Interactions

Physical Identity

● N.W.: 72 g
● G.W.: 147 g
● Product Size: 128x76x40 mm
● Packing Size: 180x124x60 mm
● Carton Size: 645x325x380 mm(50pcs)
● Corss Weight: 8.4 kg

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