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Product Introduction

Breathing Trainer

● Compact and Ergonomic Design
● Suitable for Child and Adult
● Volume Scale Printed on Both Sides for clear Recognize
● Wide Flow Range (250-2,500 ml child; 500-5,000 ml adult)
● With Proportional Inspiratory Capacity Measurement
● Drug-free Method No Side Effects or Drug Interactions
● Mechanical Adjustable with Load Setting Indicator
● Easy for Handling and Cleaning

Physical Identity

● N.W.: 116 g
● G.W.: 163 g
● Product Size(mm): 157x135x64
● Packing Size(mm): 180x162x60
● Carton Size(mm): 745x360x350(50pcs)
● Carton Weight(kg): 10.3

Proportional Inspiratory Capacity Measurement

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