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Product Introduction

Fetal Doppler

● Wireless Sync Readings

● View Trends /Data Overtime
● Easily Share Results with Family and Friends
● Warning in Case of Abnormal Heartbeat
● Fetal Heart Rate Curve
● Automatic Fetal Movement Counting
● Automatic Fetal Assessment Report
● Data Privacy
● Data Security
● Incl.APP,Earphone and Lithium Battery

Size and Weight
● Product size: 92mm x 46mm (SF10)
● Product size: 80mm x 40mm (SF20)
● Weight: about 80g(excluding accessories)
● Package size: 155 x 100 x 70mm, 0.2kg
● Carton weight: 49x34x46cm, 8.6kg/40PCS

Power Supply
● Voltage: DC 5 V

● 0.66 inch color LCD (SF10)
● Mobile App

Battery (Built-in)
● Type: Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V 200mAh
● Charge Cycle: ≥500 times
● Working time: 4 hours

● Exceeding normal range, disconnect the device
● Indication: Auditory

System Output & Extensible Interface
● Micro USB v2.0 socket: USB charging
● 3.5mm earphone socket

Trend & Reviewing
● The IMAMI Fetal Doppler APP can record all the data that
the user wants to save.

● Electric-shock prevention: internal power equipment
● Electric-shock prevention level: B type device
● Electromagnetic compatibility: CISPR112 group Type B

Ultrasound (FHR)
● Operation Mode: continuous work
● Measure method: Wide beam pulse Doppler
● Ultrasound frequency: 2.5 MHz±10% (2 MHz or 3 MHz customizable)
● FHR Measurement range: 40bpm ~ 240bpm
● Resolution: 1 bpm
● Accuracy: ±1 bpm
● Peak negative pressure: p_<0.1MPa
● Iob≤50mW/cm2
● Ispta<100mW/cm2
● ISATA<50mW/cm2
● Effective ultrasound transmitting area: <6.0±0.5cm2
Fetal Movement Recording
● Automatic fetal movement (AFM): pulsed doppler ultrasound

NST Report/FHR Interpretation
● Based on Fischer Evaluation Method (monitoring time≥20 Min)
● Content including:
Average Baseline FHR
Number of Acceleration
Number of Deceleration
Number of Small Acceleration
Amplitude Variation
Number of PV
● Automatic Score Result:
Sore: 8-10 (Excellent)
Sore: 5-7 (Suspicious)
Score: ≤4 ( Fetus Hypoxia)

Minimum requirements:
● Android OS 4.3 or above
● Tablet devices are not supported

Standard Configuration: FHR

Optional Parameter: Speaker | Carrying bag | Abdominal belt

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