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Product Introduction

Veterinary Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor


10- color TFT display with 10 waveforms

Maximum 120-hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters
With high-end parameters: 2-IBP, EtCO2
Application from small to large animals

Veterinary specific vital sign ranges

Technical Specification

Size and Weight
- Product size: 31.6x26.4x15.2cm
- Packing size: 43x32x35cm
- Net weight: 4.5kg
- Gross weight: 6kg
- 10.4" Color TFT display
- Resolution:800x600 pixels

Power supply
- Power Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
- Power Input: ≦85VA
- Safety class: Category I

- Type: Rechargeable Acid Battery(Option Lithium battery)
- Operating time under the normal use and full charge:≧ 120minutes
- 2 batteries ≧240 minutes (Option Lithium battery will double operate time)

Thermal Recorder
- Method: Thermal dot array
- Paper width:50mm(1.97 in)
- Paper Speed:12.5/25/50(mm/sec)
- Traces: Maximum 3 tracks

- Trend: 120 hours
- Parameters option: HR, SpO2, NIBP, PR, RESP,  EtCO2, Temp1,
Temp2, AA, N2O,O2, IBP1, IBP2, ST.
- Cycle intervals of trend storage1 min, 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, 5 min, 10
min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min, 30 min.

Standard SpO2
- Measurement Range:0~100%
- Accuracy: At70~100%,±2%

- Measurement Range:25bpm to 240bpm
- Accuracy: ±3bpm(non-motion conditions)
± 5bpm(motion conditions)
-  Resolution: 1bpm

EtCO2 (Sidestream)
- Measure method: Infrared spectrum
- Measure Range: 0.0~13.1%(0~99.6mmHg)
- Resolution: 1mmHg
- Unit: %,mmHg,kpa
- Accuracy: 0% to 4.9%,±0.3%(±2.0mmHg)
5.0%to 13.1%,<±10%of the reading
- Measurement range of awRR:3~150rpm
- Calibration: Offset calibration:auto,manual,Gain calibration

Storage & Reviewing
- ECG: 10 minutes one important lead’s ECG waveform
- Alarm: 1000 groups alarm events reviewing
- NIBP: 750 groups NIBP measurement
- Arrhythmia: 128 groups data(8 seconds ECG waveform)
- Power-off storage: 72 hours trend data & 1 ECG wave form (Option)

- Lead Mode:3-leads ECG input
5-leads ECG input
- Lead ion:Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ
- Gain: 2.5mm/mV(×0.25), 5mm/mV(×0.5), 10mm/m
V(×1), 20mm/mV(×2), 40mm/mV(×4),Auto
- CMRR: Monitor mode≧105dB
Surgery mode≦105dB
Diagnostic mode≧90dB
- Frequency response(-3d B):
Monitor mode 0.5~40Hz
Surgery mode 1~25Hz
Diagnostic mode 0.05~150Hz
- input impedance: ≧5.0Mohm
- ECG signal range:±10.0mV
- Electrode offset potential: ±500mV
- Patient Leakage Current:<10uA
- Standardizing signal:1mV±5%
- Baseline recovery:<5s after Defibrillation.(Mon or Surg mode)
- Indication of electrode separation: Every electrode(exclusive of RL)
- Protection: Breakdown Voltage 4000AVC 50/60Hz;de fibrillator proof
- Sweep speed:12.5mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s

- Method: Automatic oscillometry
- Range of measurement:
- Unit: mmHg, kPa
- Intervals for AUTO measurement
time:1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30,45,60,90 minutes; 2,4,8 hours

- Method: Impedance variation between RA-LL(R-F)
- Gain: ×1, ×2, ×4
- Bandwidth:0.25Hz to 2.0Hz (-3dB)
- Sweep Speed: 6.25mm/s,12.5mm/s,25mm/s
- Measurement Range:0~150 rpm

- Measurement Range: 25.0℃~50.0℃
- Accuracy:  ±0.1℃ (exclusive of probe)
- Unit: Celsius(℃),Fahrenheit(℉)
- Connecting cable: Compatible with YSI-400 serial

- Channel: 2
- Measurement way: Directly invasive pressure measure ment
- Sensitivity of transducer: 5uV/V/mmHg, ±2%
- Impedance of transducer: 300 to 3000Ω
- Measurement Range: -50~+300mmHg
- Resolution:  1mmHg
- Unit:   mmHg, kpa, cmH2O
- Accuracy:
Static: ±1mmHg or ±2%, whichever is grater(exclusive of  transducer)
±4mmHg or ±4%, whichever is grater(inclusion of transducer)
Dynamic:±4mmHg or 4%, whichever is grater
Transducer sites: Arterial Pressure                    (ART)
Pulmonary Artery Pressure    (PA)
Left Atrium Pressure              (LAP)
Right Atrium Pressure            (RAP)
Central Venous Pressure       (CVP)
Intracranial Pressure              (ICP)

- Operating temperature:0~+40℃
- Transportation and Storage temperature:-20℃ to +50℃
- Relative humisity:Working≦85%
Transportation and storage ≦93%
- Atmospheric pressure:860hPa to 1060hPa
Transportation and storage 500-1060 hPa

Standard configuration of S80 Vet:
ECG,HR,RESP,SpO2,NIBP,1-TEMP,Lithium Battery,PR

Optional parameter& configuration of S80 Vet:
2-TEMP,2-IBP,EtCO2(Sidestream),Thermal recorder.

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