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SE508 Vet
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Product Introduction

3-channel veterinary electrocardiograph


Sharp and Clear 4.3 inch TFT screen

12 lead ECG simultaneously display
Built-in Database and store more than 1000 pieces of ECG data
Digital signal processor for filter feature
Auto-measurement, auto-analysis and auto interpretation functions
Ergonomic and compact
Both AC and DC power supply with built-in lithium rechargeable battery

Application from small to large animals

Technical Specification

Size and Weigh
- Product size: 31.5x21.5x7.5cm
- Packing size: 41x31x21cm
- Net weight: 2.25kg
- Gross weight: 3.8kg
- 3.5 Inch Color TFT display
- Resolution:320x240 pixels or higher

ECG Instrument Input
- Measurement parameters:HR,P-R interval, P-Duration,
QRS Duration, Q-T interval, -Tc, P Axis, QRS Axis,
T Axis, R(V5),S(V1),R(V5)+S(V1)
- Safety Type: Class I, Type CF
- Lead: Standard 12 leads
- Input Way: Floating and defibrillation protection
- Patient leak current:<10uA
- Sampling Rate: 1000Hz
- ND conversion: 12 bit
- Frequency response:0.05Hz-150Hz(-3dB)
- Input impedance: ≥50MΩ
- Time constant: Time constant≥3.2s
- CMRR: > 60dB, > 100dB( Add filter)

Dispose wave data:
- EMG interference filter: 25Hz/35Hz(-3dB)
- AC filter: 50Hz/60Hz( 20dB)
Printing output:
- Recording Way: Thermal Printing System(8spots/mm)
- Recording paper: 80mm(W)x20m (L)
- Paper speed: 6.25mm/s,12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
- Sensitivity choice: 2.5, 5,10,20,40mm/mV.Standard
sensitivity is 10mm/mV+0.2mm/mV

Power supply:
- AC: 220V, 50Hz(110V, 60Hz)
- DC: 7.4V, 3700mAh rechargeable lithium polymer

Fuse Specification:
- 2pcs φ5x200mm AC time lag; T250mA/250V(Power
Supply : 220V)

- ECG-Sync software package

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