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S2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Product Introduction
● Display of SpO2 value, PR value, bar graph and pulse waveform.
● Low-voltage indication: the low power indication symbol appears when the voltage is too low to work.
● Automatic standby function.
● Display direction can be changed.
● PR sound indication (wired equipment).
● Over-limit prompt of measured value, finger-out prompt, low power prompt . 
● The data can be uploaded to the terminal equipment (Bluetooth equipment and Bluetooth wired equipment) by wireless mode.

● SpO2 measurement range: 0%~100% (resolution: 1%)
● Accuracy: 70%~100%,±2%;
                  0%~69%, unspecified
● PR measurement range: 20 bpm ~ 250 bpm (resolution: 1 bpm)
● Accuracy:±2 bpm or ±2%, whichever is greater
● Pulse Index measurement range: 0~20% 
   Low perfusion 0~0.9%, accuracy: ±0.2%; 
                        1~20%, accuracy: ±2%, whichever is greater.
● Light interference: compared to the values measured in normal condition and ambient light condition, the deviation is less 
   than ±1%.
● Power consumption: ≤30 mA
● Working voltage: ≤DC 3V
● Battery: two “AAA” batteries
● Safety class: internally powered equipment, type BF applied part

Physical characteristic
● Dimension: 57 mm(L) X 31 mm (W) X 32 mm (H)
● Weight: 25~26g for main unit without batteries 
               52 ~55g (including two batteries)

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