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S9 Pro Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Product Introduction
● The product is designed to be light in weight, simple in operation, easy to use and carry.
● True Color high resolution OLED
● It has strong anti-ambient light interference, and low-consumption design.
● It is only used for on-site monitoring and not used for continuous monitoring. It’s suitable for hospitals, clinics, families, oxygen bars, sports centers and so on.
● Auto 4-direction gravity display

Technical Specification

● Display type: Color high resolution OLED
● Oxygen saturation of blood(SPO2 ) : Measurement range: 35%~100%
                                                       Resolution: 1%
                                                       Accuracy: Within the range of 90% ~ 100%, tolerance ± 2%;
                                                                      Within the range of 70% ~ 90%, tolerance ± 3%;
                                                                      Less than 70% undefined
● Pulse Rate(PR): Measurement range:No less than 30 bpm ~ 250 bpm(Real-time pulse rate data after stabilization)
                          Resolution: 1bpm
                          Accuracy: ±1% or ±3bpm, large value
● Anti-ambient Light interference Ability: The deviation between the Spo2 measured in the room with day lighting or illumination source and that measured in the darkroom is less than +1%
● Power supply:  2 x1.5V ,AAA alkaline batteries ( It can be used for 1 ~ 1.5 hours continuously)
● Working current: 30mA~80mA
● Direction sensor: Digital and waveform display on the same screen, manual display in four directions
● Light sensor: Red light wave length (657nm-663nm 7mW,Low power light in this wavelength range is safe for the human body.) Infrared light (wave length 900nm-910nm 55mW)
● Data cycle: No more than 15s(From optical signal to digital signal)

Size and Weight

● Products size: 59x36x34mm
● Color Box: 86x62x52mm
● Weight: 58g (not including batteries)
● Carton Size: 51.5x45x28cm
● 200PCS/ carton

Environmental requirements
●  Working environment
●  Temperature: 5~40℃
●  Humidity: ≤80%(No condensation)
●  Atmospheric pressure: 86~106 kPa
●  Storage and transportation condition
●  Temperature: -20~55 ℃
●  Humidity: ≤93%(No condensation)
●  Atmospheric pressure: 70~106 kPa

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