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SH-T200 Infrared Thermometer
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Product Introduction
Temperature range: 32-42.9℃

Maximum allowable error:

In the range of 35.0-42.0℃

Allowable error ± 0.2℃

In the range of less than 35.0℃  and more than 42.0℃

Maximum allowable error ± 0.3℃

Resolution: 0.1℃

Measure position: Within 2.5cm of measure object

Power management: Automatically shutdown during waiting

Battery: DC3V (2 AAA batteries)

Working and storage conditions:

   Temperature range: Normal working: 16-35℃

   Transportation and storage: -20-55℃

Humidity range:

   Normal working: ≤85%(Non-condensing)

   Transportation and storage: ≤95%(Non-condensing)

Atmospheric pressure:

   Normal working: 700-1060hPa

   Transportation and storage: 500-1060hPa
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