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Pltra 6
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Product Introduction

Portable Ultrasound Scanner

Pltra 6 is the all-digital ultrasound technology platform, unique and perfect in design, bringing high-def inition images simultaneously to greatly enhance the lightweight facial characteristics of the system. It can permit operations and clinical diagnostic ultrasound tests so that doctors can work to bring new data to the patient, and more special probe conf igurations allow the system to use multiple departments in mobile checkups with ease.


Speckle noise rejection technology:Select different options depending on the different characteristics of different tissues,speckle and noise reduction can improve the imaging quality.
Ultra-wideband beamformer
Trapezoid imaging,Compound imaging
AIO(Automatic image optimization)
Application:Abdomen,OB&GYN,Urology,Blood vessel,Small Organ,Pediatric,Musculoskeletal,Basic Cardiac

Packing size: 44x37x47cm
Net weight: 5kg
Gross weight: 7kg

Optional Transducer

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